About the Company


“Good work, good organization, good society”

Japan is entering the age of population decline, caused by declining birthrate and aging population, which the country had never seen. The impact of climate change, supposedly resulting from global warming, is getting more serious every year, and our economic and living environment is more and more affected by natural disasters. I believe that it is in these difficult times when each person develops his/her skills and their expertise is collected, and individuals essential for and needed by the society grow. Our company aims to form a “good organization” and contribute to building “good society” by offering “good work” for our clients, employees and society. While we offer “good work” with our expertise on runoff control we gained since the establishment of the company, we also stay flexible to cope with the change of time and strive to be a company that lasts 100 years.
Yasunari Nakajima, CEO Hokkaido Poracon Co. Ltd.
Yasunari Nakajima, CEO
Hokkaido Poracon Co. Ltd.

Company Outline

We have been giving technical counsel to our clients and receiving orders for more than 20 years. In designing infiltration facilities, we conduct on-site percolation tests by the method devised by Public Works Research Institute of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and we have experiences on around 200 sites in Hokkaido and all the analyzed data is stored. The experiment and analysis method is economical and suitable for designing infiltration facilities.

Company Name ​Hokkaido Poracon Co. Ltd.
Head Office 7th floor, Harebare Bld, 8, S4 W6, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
064-0804 Japan
Phone ​+81-11-251-4566
Fax +81-11-251-4689
Representative Yasunari Nakajima CEO
Capital Fund 30,000,000 yen
Establishment June 1973

Obihiro Office

303, Hayakawa Bld, 17-2 W2 S7, Obihiro 080-0012 Japan
Phone: +81-155-20-1030/Fax: +81-155-20-1031


272-14, Aza-Ooiwake, Kuriyama-cho 068-0352, Japan
Phone: +81-123-75-2331/Fax: +81-123-75-2332
Business 1. Manufacture and sales of porous products and water-collecting products
2. Manufacture and sales of porous/water-retentive pavement blocks
3. Manufacture and sales of porous river blocks
4. Design of infiltration facilities and water-collecting facilities
5. On-site percolation test (planning, testing, analysis, facility design), soil test
6. Concrete cleaning
7. Exterior construction
8. Other construction works

Our History

1973The company is founded. The head office is established and started business.
1974The factory is completed. Operation and manufacture begin.
1975The capital is increased to 48 million yen.
1977Obihiro office is established.
1979The company is authorized as constructor (civil engineering).
1980Reinforcement steel workshop is established.
1988The company is authorized as building operator.
1992Osmotic Box workshop is established.
1994The third workshop is established.
1995Manufacture of Water Permeable Interlocking Block/Plates starts.
1996The company joins Environment Block Conference.
1998Manufacture of environment conservation river blocks starts.
2002Block workshop is established. Niigata office is established.
2004Block automatic molding machine DE-38 is installed.
2006Capital is changed to 30 million yen.
2008The company did the display at Hokkaido-Toyako Summit memorial environment exhibition and at “Ecobild2008”.
2010The company did the display at International Energy and Environment Conservation Exhibition in Beijing, China.
2011The company is registered as “Sapporo Eco-member”. The first debenture bond is issued from North Pacific Bank.
2016The second debenture bond is issued from Hokkaido Bank. The third debenture bond is issued from North Pacific Bank. The company did the display at “Build in Myanmar 2016”.
2017Manufacture of Line Range starts. Concrete products cleaning service starts.
2019Obihiro Office is moved.
¥9,996,000 stock investment from North Pacific Bank’s SDGs Promotion Fund